Silanes & Industries

We are the leading producer and supplier of Silanes such as amino, epoxy, melamine, methacrylate, sulfur and alkyl silanes etc., used in industries like adhesives, coatings, sealants, fillers and constructions. We also supply some special Silanes specifically.

Glyoxal & Industries

We are the largest exporter of Glyoxal 40% in China supplying 100ppm max and other grades e.g. 0.1% max formaldehyde materials, used for paper resins, pharmaceuticals, biocides, or in the industries like water, leather, oil & gas fields, etc.


No registration, no business !    As the new regulation coming in effects already in EU, we have done the pre-registration for all of products supplied in EU, and the full registration for 4 Silanes in 2013, 3 Silanes in 2014, and others in following years.

Why Choose Us ?

Being the first commercial producer of Silanes and Glyoxal 40% in China in the past, we know the technologies and the products well day after day. Focusing on the customers in China and abroad, we know the business practices and serve them much better in these years.
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